Until recently, New Zealand's spectacular Clutha River was threatened by four hydro dams proposed by Contact Energy, at Tuapeka Mouth, Beaumont, Queensberry and Luggate. This website remains active as a reminder that our New Zealand rivers are still not safe from commercial exploitation.


Recreational and commercial rafting occurs on the entire Clutha River. Tens of thousands of tourists and New Zealanders have rafted the Upper Clutha since commercial rafting began on this remarkably unspoiled section of wild river in the 1970's.

The remaining (undammed sections) of the Clutha River are all Grade 2-3 whitewater, which is suitable for most people when rafting on guided trips. This allows excellent access to people who might otherwise never experience rafting on a high volume river. The Clutha's many unique qualities, including its turquoise water (glacial water filtered by upland lakes), and its magnificent riverscapes, combine to make it an outstanding natural feature and an extremely valuable recreational and tourism asset.

New Zealand's largest rapids lie buried in silt beneath the Roxburgh reservoir, dammed in 1956, and what has been ranked as the worl'd best high volume rapid, Sargoods, near Cromwell, was lost when the Cromwell and lower Kawarau Gorges were flooded behind the Clyde dam in 1993. Any of Contact Energy's proposed dams would further destroy what little remains of the wild Clutha River.

Rafting at the Devil's Elbow, LuggateRafting at the Devil's Elbow, Luggate

Racecourse Rapid in the Upper Clutha 'Snake'Racecourse Rapid in the Upper Clutha 'Snake'

Family rafting on the Upper CluthaFamily rafting on the Upper Clutha

French Polynesian family on a raft tripFrench Polynesian family on a raft trip

Smokin' Joe's Rapid, Maori GorgeSmokin' Joe's Rapid, Maori Gorge

Rafters at Heaven's Gate, LuggateRafters at Heaven's Gate, Luggate


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'Save The Clutha' supports the 'Option 5 Campaign' launched by the Clutha River Forum, an alliance of river and conservation groups opposed to further "Think Big" dams on the Clutha River.

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