Until recently, New Zealand's spectacular Clutha River was threatened by four hydro dams proposed by Contact Energy, at Tuapeka Mouth, Beaumont, Queensberry and Luggate. This website remains active as a reminder that our New Zealand rivers are still not safe from commercial exploitation.

Jet Boating

Recreational Jet Boating

New Zealander's value their easy access to rivers, and this is especially true of recreational jet boaters, who converge on their favourite rivers whenever possible.

Recreational jet boating near LuggateRecreational jet boating near Luggate

Recreational jet boaters frequent the Clutha River throughout the year, but especially in the summer months when thousands of holiday-makers bring their boats to Central Otago to enjoy this unique environment. Many jet boaters pause to relax on the remote riverbanks, picnicking and fishing.

Tourist Jet Boating

Commercial jet boats operate on the Upper and Lower Clutha, providing unique experiences on New Zealand's highest volume river, the 'Mighty Clutha.'

Clutha River JetClutha River Jet

Beaumont JetBeaumont Jet

Jet Boat Racing

Jet boats are a part of Kiwi culture. Participants and enthusiasts from all over New Zealand converge on some of the best jet boat racing rivers in the world to experience events during the racing season. The Clutha River is an integral leg on most of these events.

New Zealand Jet Boat MarathonNew Zealand Jeb Boat Marathon

New Zealand Jet Boat Racing Championships
Annual event orgainised by the New Zealand Jet Boat Association.

Central Rivers Race, Jet Boating Otago
Jet Boating Otago holds its Central Rivers Race on the Matukituki, Clutha, Dart, Kawarau/Shotover Rivers, with Leg 3 : Clutha River, Lake Wanaka Outlet Camp ramp to Bendigo ramp on Lake Dunstan.

World Jet Boat Marathon
Gold Ridge Hotel 2005


About This Site

'Save The Clutha' supports the 'Option 5 Campaign' launched by the Clutha River Forum, an alliance of river and conservation groups opposed to further "Think Big" dams on the Clutha River.

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